Today’s guest post comes from my younger brother William.  William believes he is a bit of an expert when it come to all things Vagina.  I personally think he is full of shit.  But I will let you decide……

As much as there are different words for a vagina, so there are different types of vagina.  Think about it, they belong to different types of women, fat, thin, tall, short.  So, it makes sense that they will have different types of vagina doesn’t it?

A wise man (well he thought himself wise!) once said to me, “why do you keep chasing skirt because when you stick it in past the lips, all the holes  are just the same”  He was wrong, so so wrong.  There are many different types of vagina and as a man of the world I have made it my mission to try them all!

The Bony Vagina

These little beauties belong to petite skinny girls and are especially sought after for their tightness.  The pussy has no fleshy bits so if you go at one hard it could end up giving you bruises in some sensitive areas.  Not to matter though, because the sensation from the tightness is exquisite.

The Fat Lips Vagina

Wow, these are a rare treat.  The lips protrude and pout at you, whenever I see one I cannot resist giving it a wet sloppy kiss and it usually reciprocates!  Great to fuck, you get a reassuring grip around your shaft and a sexy squelching noise as you go!

The Experienced Vagina

The experienced vagina usually belongs to the experienced lady.  If she asks you if are you in yet, and you are not really sure, that’s experienced!  If she says it’s hereditary and she’s a virgin, I’m telling you, she’s a liar!  If every girl you go with is like throwing a sausage into a tunnel then either you are unlucky or you have a small cock, I will let you decide!

The Skin-full Vagina

This one has loads of skin, lips and flaps it takes a map and compass to find your way in.  If you go down on a girl like this you might take a month to find her magic button.  No matter, enjoy the hunt!

The Rainforest Vagina

The unshaven haven.  If you have to comb it before you poke it, maybe ask her to trim.  Don’t just buy her a razor, she may just cut your throat!

The Virgin Vagina

Yum, yum.  Tight and sweet, you could be the first man in.  If you are, then enjoy, as it won’t last!

Poking Clit Vagina

Very rare, these have a big clit that protrudes at the top.  No need for a map, great for the inexperienced explorer, easy to find and simple to thrill.  Can’t recommend them highly enough!

So there you have it.  You now know what different types of vagina to look for when the panties come off.  But take my advice, whilst it is fine to think, “ well that’s a Fat Lip, Rainforest, poking clit, that’s three off my list” it is inadvisable to say it out loud!

Did I miss any?  If so, let me know!




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