• Having observed the comments recently made on a certain post, I was in two minds whether to show the pictures with the G-string pictures or not.
    I must agree that it does not really comply with the intentions of this website and have decided to remove these photos.
  • As a moderator, I work on this website voluntarily and do not gain any monetary benefit from it.
    Over the course of nearly 3 years of being on here, this website used to get,on average, one submission per day, which gave you a daily posting.
    Depending on the amount of entries I receive, they will now be posted on every other day.

    During the past year, the submissions have been very low therefore, I do not dedicate as much time as I used to in previous years.
    This site would still be closed if I had not stepped in and maintain it.
  • It takes a lot of courage for women to openly show their private parts for you to rate them. They should be appreciated and applauded.
    They are not looking to exchange emails or pictures privately, especially if they are looking for a wider audience and opinion.

    They can send in as many photos as they so wish and without any pressure.
    Every person has a voice to express their opinion which should be accepted, even if it is not respected.
    There is a star rating for you to choose from and a comment box for your positive appraisal.
    It is a shame that we do have, on occasions, an annoyance which creates unnecessary additional work with their inane comments.
    I try very hard to remove these as and when they appear.


Please feel free to see another website that I maintain, which is not just for vagina, but is also for other body parts and men. Click here

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