Name: Linda McD


Hi, I don’t want to be hi-jacking the ladies’ posts so did this instead. I’m just wondering about the comments section on here now. Personally, I hate all the giving out of e-mail addresses requesting more pics as it takes away from the original intention of the site but it seems to be getting worse: guys either leave a contact address and nothing else (wtf?) and others try it on every single post!! I mean, if a gal asks for a rating and for more contact then great, that’s hunky dory, but surely it’s different when she’s lacking in confidence asking if her pussy is looking alright? She’s not looking for an onslaught of requests to bang her like a rhino right into the middle of next week!!!!
I’m not looking to offend anyone but just starting a conversation…

And while I’m on this menopausal rant (in for a penny…) can I discuss something else? I have been amazed and educated by all the different shapes of women on here and am often dismayed at some of the comments. Is it that some folk are only used to the air-brushed porn magazine types? Suddenly an interesting, big-lipped lady shows her wares and they get all confused and timorous, sometimes resorting to descriptions like ‘slabs of meat’. I think this is a great site for showing that vulvas come in all different shapes, sizes and colours. Someone recently complained that men on here just comment favourably on ALL the pictures- well I say good for you guys who do, who appreciate the beauty in all of us ladies. x

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