Hello guys and gals –

First of all, thank you all for your continued support.  The amount of traffic to the site has grown significantly over the last 6 months and I appreciate all the ladies who have been brave enough to submit their beautiful “V” photos and also to all the guys (and girls) who have taken time to post constructive feedback in the comments section.

As the traffic to the site continues to grow, and hence the amount of comments increases, I can’t help but notice all the personal emails that are being posted in an effort to solicit more pictures from the ladies.  In my opinion, if someone would like to see additional pictures then the best way would be to request that the posting lady send more photos to website for posting.  That way all may enjoy the additional pictures if the lady chooses to send more.  Having a bunch of emails scattered all over the comment section is an eye sore in my opinion. 

HOWEVER, all that being said,  this site is as much as yours as it is mine and so I would like to put the issue up for vote.

Please take a few minutes to vote below and also please leave additional comments if you want to give more feedback on the matter.


Vicky V 🙂


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