Name: Kasie
Age: 25
Country: USA
• Reason I submitted my “V” photo: I am super self conscious and absolutely hate everything about my pussy. Uneven, too large labia, terrible. I have turned down countless sexual advances because I am so insecure. I have had sexual partners but am very choosy about who I get intimate with, have to be in a relationship first, etc.. sometimes I wish it were better looking just solely so I could live out my sexual fantasies. So many amazing opportunities to take part in that I turn down because I’m just not comfortable with my pussy.. I am totally sold to get surgery once I can afford it. I get so upset and depressed over it at times and it affects my relationship a lot because I just don’t want to have sex or be licked since it’s all I think about. Just thought I’d give it a try and share.:/ kind of turned me on taking these pictures so I puffed up even more


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