Name: Elizabeth
Age: 26

Country: USA
Reason I submitted my “V” photo: My boyfriend was having a conversation with his friend about a girl that his friend was dating, his friend was worried that she may have an “ugly vagina.” Prior to hearing that, I never knew there was such a thing as an “ugly vagina.” My boyfriend was trying to explain to me what entails a “pretty vs ugly vagina.” He said there are closed and open vaginas? (Whatever that means). We started this conversation with a group of friends one night because I was still so confused as to what an “ugly vagina” is, he and another friend of his were talking about closed vaginas being perfect, and that that’s their preference. I got self-conscious about what my vagina category is and I felt uncomfortable asking my boyfriend to basically, “rate my vagina.” I feel like ever since that conversation I’ve been inspecting myself and concluding that I don’t have the kind of vagina my boyfriend considers pretty. He’s never once said anything deragtory about my vagina—he’s said he’s loves it, and when I’ve sent him nude photos he says I have a nice pussy, or “now that’s what I call a nice pussy,” without my asking for his “judging.” I still sometimes feel like my vagina isn’t in the “pretty” category that he and his friends were talking about. I guess what I’d like to know is, am i in the ugly category, and if so, what makes my vagina ugly? Thank you.


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