• Name:  Stephanie
  • Age:  21
  • Country:  United States
  • Reason I submitted my “V” photo:

Have always been insecure about my v, to the point of ruining relationships over it. Particularly self-conscious of:
1.)the mole right at the top of my clit…WHY.
2.) I also think my clitoris hood sticks out/is larger than most which makes me feel like a freak.
3.) Lastly,I have a huge mound of fat above my v where most pubic hair grows. It’s not a weight thing–I did my research.

It depresses me because I can’t wear nice bathing suits or tight leggings/shorts/skirts without SOMETHING bulging out down there.

So thankful I get to let it all out (pun intended) here. Peace.

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