• Name: Jessica
• Age: 31
• Country: USA
• Reason I submitted my “V” photo: After my 18 months old 86 percentile gigantic head came out my V my self esteem went flying too. A year ago after FINALLY being able resume sex without pain I can’t bare to let my husband go down on me, and the few occasions he has, it has to be nighttime and lights off.  He won’t talk about it (my V) and just says it’s fine/great which makes me even more paranoid that he’s just trying not to hurt my feelings. Before my husband I was shy regarding sex due to usual inexperience but I always felt confident I at least had goods to bring to the shy bed. Now by my 30’s and experienced and confident my self esteem regarding my body has just tanked following childbirth/breastfeeding etc. I tore during labor so I have a scar that goes to my butt, I used to be light pink and now deep pink/red with a shininess as though the skin is scarred (im still sensitive so at least hasn’t affected pleasure), I’m more open and have tissue poking out that wasn’t there before. Oh and I’m also wrinkly too. Please could you rate my V and give honest critique good and bad no matter how honest it may be. Positive adjectives will just make me think you are being kind like my husband. And thankyou for your time and for reading this essay of a note… Please rate my V!


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