Name: Princess
Age: 29
Country: Canada
• Reason I submitted my “V” photo:  I’ve struggled my whole adult life with a pussy that isn’t a “porn star” pussy, I’ve looked into getting lips cut off/trimmed and I never feel sexy about it when having sex.a

It’s funny because I’m a very sexual person, I feel sexy about the rest of me…I’m in good shape, I’ve been told I’m quite attractive. However due to how I feel about my V I feel like my man is settling in this regard because my lips and pussy are bigger/darker and they are larger/puffy/wrinkled skin. Not like some (most) of the tidy, pretty pink pussies out there.

The problem is, I know it doesn’t look like those sweet little pussies (never has) and when I ask I get “I think your pussy is great, sexy and it feels nice”.

For once I want brutal fucking honesty. If it is on the bottom scale of pussies – I want to be told – so that I don’t feel like a fucking schizophrenic anymore and it’s not just what I hear in my head. Does that make sense? I don’t want sugarcoated bullshit. You don’t have to worry about sparing my feelings cause we are strangers on the internet.

I’m a tough girl and I can take honest rating and comments and have been looking for them my whole life. I REALLY want to know an honest opinion/rating.


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