Name: Soph
Age: 23

Country: Australia
Reason I submitted my “V” photo: A pretty pussy adds so much beauty to a woman. Trying a new pussy for the first time is like opening an exciting gift on christmas, you don’t know what you’ll get! Unfortunately my “gift” is not a gift at all. Infact more of a puss falls far below average and is something I have been insecure and ashamed about for too long. Have been with my bf of 6 years and still refused to allow him to see me or go down on me. Misrable sex life ill tell ya. I am saving up for labiaplasty, and am 100% going through with the surgery to reduce my lips to about half the size. I just want symmetrical perfect inner lips which sit evenly between the outer lips. This will cost me over 20k including afew extras so ill probably be an old lady by the time I can even afford this haha! Such ashame this is an actual problem that a small petcentage of woman have to deal with, you would be surprised how much something like this can consume ones life. It literally consumes my thoughts and has destroyed my self esteem. Anyway I thought I’d pop in and get some feedback on what guys think about my pussy and what you guys think about me proceeding with surgery? Do you think it will look prettier? Do you pefer big or small lips? Would you get a fright sreing these bad boys on a woman you were intrsted in? I feel like if anyone saw my lips the would get a HUGE fright and be totally unprepared hahah . They deffinatley don’t suit the rest of my bod and face. So bting on thr feedback! Ps: don’t be a suck up. Be like travis 😉 honest, and detailed feedback is what I like. Good bad, ugly, I really don’t mind! I know what I want either way, so any judgey comments are welcome, please! Oh also do yall think I should bleach my ass so it’s pretty and pink? thankyou for reading. I look forward to reading everyone’s response!

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