Name: VInsecure
Age: 18

Country: Italy
Reason I submitted my “V” photo: Hi everyone. This is my vagina. As you can see, I have extremely large labia, which besides being the cause of a lot of pain, itching and discomfort, it’s also my biggest insecurity. I’m a virgin and I’m afraid of having sex with a man because of the way my vagina looks, i just think it’s disgusting and gross and I don’t want anybody to know how it looks, it’s an embarrassment to me. To clarify something: there’s this popular belief that women that have large labia is because they’ve had a lot of sex. As you can see, I’ve never had sex or masturbate frequently, my pussy’s always been like this, since the day of birth. It’s 99% genetics. I’m 18, all my friends have already had sexual experiences or sex, but I just can’t imagine what a guy would think if he felt or saw my vagina. It scares me. Well, I’m really looking forward to reading your comments, please be honest, I already know the truth. I’m also considering having a labiaplasty, because the lips hang so much they hurt when I wear thight jeans or walk large distances. If that’s the case, I promise I’ll sumbit a before and after pic. Thanks 🙂


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