The world record for the biggest vagina belonged to Anna Swan (1846-1888).  Anna was a Scottish women who set a number of records related to her massive size.

Born at a normal size, she began growing at an extraordinary rate during childhood, eventually reaching a height of 7′ 8″ at age 19.  She decided to tour the country with a side show circus in order to capitalize on her extraordinary size.  It was during this time period that she met and fell in love with another giant named Captain Martin Bates, who was over 7 feet tall. They were married in 1872, making them the tallest married couple in the world.  This world record still stands today. worlds biggest vagina

The newlyweds began their new lives by building a mansion filled with giant furniture.  One notable piece of furniture included a bed measuring 11′ x 7′ where the happy couple consummated their marriage. On June 18, 1879, she delivered the largest baby in history, weighing 26 pounds and measuring 34 inches in length.  In fact, the baby was so large that it became firmly wedged in her birth canal and required the use of forceps and belts in order to extract. 

Unfortunately, the child did not survive the traumatic birth.  However, a cast was made and still on display at the Cleveland Museum of Health.

Why the hell didn’t they make a cast of her vagina!?  Now that is something I would pay to see.

R.I.P Anna Swan.  Your world’s biggest vagina certainly deserves the homage of this humble blog.

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