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Hello everyone!

I love seeing the nice responses that we give to the girls here on this site.  While I understand why girls can be so concerned about the beauty of their most feminine part, I giggle a bit inside as I see so many who are genuinely upset about how it looks — all while we guys are astonished at how some lovely girl with gorgeous extended lips could possibly feel that way, or how some girl with a lovely dark highlight around the edges of her pussy lips could possibly think that we guys would be less inclined to suck on them.  And sadly, there is a natural tendency of a person to only focus on the negative comments — completely ignoring all the good ones.  It doesn’t make sense.  I can only hope that all the lovely ladies here who honored us with their photos will use good judgment and understand how many rock-hard dicks there are each moment of the day admiring her — and that somewhere in the world, some nice guy is exploding by fantasizing about how wonderful it would be to have his cock deep inside her.

But as I look at the responses that some of us guys make in the posts here to girls that confess they are virgins, I noticed that some of the comments are not, in my humble opinion, really quite right for a virgin.  For example, a comment like “I would pound you silly until the floor is filled with a pool of your cum” may be fine for an experienced girl, but it implies something that perhaps the guy commenting may not realize that is rather important about virgins.  And I say that because the thing I am referring to is something that I didn’t realize for quite a long time:  something that I didn’t know that caused some girls (and ultimately me) a lot of problems.

So because all of us guys love pussies and because we all love to fuck them, I thought it might be beneficial if I opened up a discussion as to the best way to deflower a virgin.  Each of you — both male and female — have different experiences and thoughts on it.  My hope is that maybe by sharing those thoughts here, we can spare some cute, young lass the bad outcomes that I have seen in the deflowering process should any of us be fortunate enough to experience it.  So ladies and gents, please add your own thoughts on what I am saying because maybe you all have even better ideas than me.  Admittedly, such a discussion probably better belongs on other sites devoted to such things, but we have a site here where all of us are clearly very primed sexually and we guys may very well be engaging in intercourse with a virgin long before we are doing any research on sexual techniques.  In fact, I would suggest that there aren’t likely ANY of us guys here who are doing research –and have no plans to.  We are simply here to look at pussies and comment on them.  And the girls are just here for the feedback.  But in the spirit of the adoration of the pussy — essentially the very purpose of this site — let’s step back for a moment and just think about a virgin’s pussy — and how best to deflower it, ok?

Although I mostly fucked experienced girls over the years, I did have the opportunity to fuck a bunch of virgins as well.  The problem was that my first experiences caused them all some real pain. Often very intense.  And in more than one case, it caused them problems later.

The issue was that in many cases the girls just weren’t fully ready.  They WERE ready for dick, but they weren’t really ready for the type of fucking that we guys often like to do.  And by that, I am referring to the hard-ramming type of fucking where you are driving into her mercilessly, hard and fast.  And if you have a massive cock, she may be more excited than ever to have you in her beforehand, but I suggest that you are more likely than not of messing her up. As I discovered the hard way, as much as she may have been aching for your dick for a long time, and as much as she insists in her excited state that you just pound her any way that you like “RIGHT NOW!”, the fact is that there are two things that can often make her experience absolutely miserable:  the pain from the broken hymen and the pain from tight, vaginal muscles.

Let’s start with the hymen:  Some girls will feel some pain and it will just be quickly forgotten or overcome shortly from the other pleasurable sensations of having your cock in her.  But too many others have a terrible, searing pain as the hymen is torn that can end the entire session quickly and all you are left with is a bloody mess after it is broken.  And she will only remember it as a horrible, painful experience — possibly meaning that you may not be able to fuck her for quite a while — and perhaps, never again.

Setting the broken hymen issue aside for a moment, what I also experienced is that a girl’s internal, vaginal muscles can constrict severely as your dick drives into her.  She knows she wants it, but deep inside, she is fighting it.  And with all those muscles in one of the most sensitive parts of her body, the pain for her can be bad as her vaginal walls are being slammed by your cock.  Really bad.  In fact, I have experienced it where I could get my dick in part way, but her vaginal muscles deeper in have closed the tunnel, keeping me from getting the full shaft fully inserted.  And as that “door” is closed, the head of my cock will slam against that solid, fleshy wall. Ouch!  Extremely ainful for both of us, actually.  You may eventually get a wad blown into her, but not the deepest part that has been cut off, and she is left in pain and thinking that her vagina is “too short” for a dick.  Yes, I have actually heard that said to me!  You may have hit what you thought was her cervix (it wasn’t) and even believe that she is right that her vagina is deformed.

What you (and her) need to realize is that there is NO WAY it is a structural problem in the cunt.  She will swear she needs your cock, and may have had endless nights alone aching for it, dreaming what it is like to feel a blast of cum gushing into her, masturbating a half-dozen times a day — but like I say, when the time finally comes, she is really fighting it inside at a deeper level. Her vaginal walls are essentially making a last stand to protect her virginity from your dick.

But why?

Well remember that all her life she has had authority figures and peers telling her to keep her legs closed together, her feminine body parts covered, and hearing them say “don’t do it before marriage” — and all kinds of b.s. like that.  And now, here you are with her naked on the bed, her legs wide open, and you with a long, thick dick splitting her in half.  A lot of emotions are in play behind those pretty eyes as reality now reconciles all those puritan thoughts.

The problem is that this necessary reconciliation in her mind hasn’t taken place quite yet — resulting in her closing off her innermost walls to you.  At the worst, she is left feeling her vagina is “too short.”  And what’s even more crazy about it is that if she thinks that her vagina is deformed like that, she can be really messed up for years.  Yes, I saw it happen:  for YEARS!  Pretty girls, ripe for your dick, worried that they can never have a full sexual experience for the rest of their lives!  They can even up having to get professional help.  Not a good thing.  Please understand that I am NOT exaggerating, either!  These are personal experiences I have witnessed.  Each girl is different, but many have a hard time when being deflowered — some more than others.

So guys, here you are with this gorgeous, young, ripe, virgin with soft, smooth skin and slim, teenage-girl legs spread apart, her engorged pussy lips glistening with her inner moisture, a drop of enticing cum at the base of her slit, lying naked before you, and practically screaming for you to ram it into her.  And yet if you do, you may end up with a messed up chick.  So I will now describe an approach that I found works with virgins.  Like I said earlier, you may have a better one.  This approach may help for any of you guys that may be dealing with a girl already deflowered who has this problem, and if you want, I can share that with you another time, but I want to open up here a discussion of how to prevent it in the first place.  Use this as a starting point for discussion.  Tell me where I am wrong.  I am no sex therapist so you have to take what I say with a grain of salt.  But I want to share it with you because it worked for me and perhaps it can work for you.  So here it is:

The first thing is to understand that although she may have told you that she has always fantasized about having your long, thick dick ramming hard into her, she is likely not really ready.  Store that fantasy of hers in your mind for later in the deflowering.  Instead, for now, switch the approach around completely:

Don’t you fuck her.  Let her fuck you.

Yes, as much as she says she wants you to dominate her, instead, find ways to use that domination in the foreplay for now — whether it is ravaging her nipples and clit with your mouth and fingers and tearing off her clothes or simply tossing her naked on the bed.  But when it comes time to spread her lovely, feminine, pussy lips with the head of your dick… stop!  .  Simply fingering her won’t do it. I don’t care how much cum is dripping out of her.  I don’t care how loud she is begging for you to ram it in.  Instead, your goal is to make sure that the coming pain from a potentially broken hymen is minimized and that all the inner vaginal muscles will be loose and eager for your full insertion.  She needs to feel relaxed about this big thing you are about to drive into her.  And she needs to do it in a way that she is comfortable with.  You want her to GENUINELY want it — which means both consciously and subconsciously.

So don’t stick it in.

Instead, lie down naked on the bed, face up, and let her straddle you on top.  She can face you or turn around with her butt facing you.  Her choice.  Now, wrap your hand around your dick, just at the base of the head, and stick it up straight for her to insert into herself.  Use your other hand for caressing her — stroking her face, tits, nipples, ass — whatever.  Let her bring her slit down onto the head of your dick — at her own pace — having the cunt lips stop where your hand is.  The vaginal walls are just opened at the entrance by the penis head — no further – just enough to separate the tight muscles of the vaginal opening.  That is the key to the whole thing:  a slow insertion at HER own pace.  She may even beg to go deep right away, but DON’T let her do it!  Just let your penis head separate the vaginal opening and then push her hips up so that she pulls out.  Then let her guide it into the opening again, all the while keeping your hand in the same position around your dick —  just at the base of the head.  Let her fuck the head of your cock for a good, long while with her cunt opening in this fashion.  Sure, you can let her flick your cock head across her clit as well a few times, but it is the separation of the walls at the vaginal opening that we are working towards here — and which we are training her to fully experience — and appreciate.  Remember, she has been fighting to keep it closed from a penis all her life.  Now she is experiencing having it opened by a penis — over and over and over again — and SHE is the one doing it.  There is some deep psychology at play here.  You are doing more than opening a cunt with your dick.  You are opening the entire essence of her femininity.

After letting her do that for a while, lower your hand on your shaft so that it is about one inch (a thumb-width) below the head — thereby enabling her to start to feel it within her depths as she slips down lower onto it.  You want her to feel how her cunt opening first expands as it takes in the head and then slightly contracts as it fully slides over head’s lip.  Don’t freak out if you see blood at any time.  That is the hymen breaking.  Keep in mind that she may be having a lot of pain if that happens.  This is the point where she REALLY needs to deal with the dick in her at her own pace.  She may even have to stop completely as she lets the pain subside.  (Btw: for anyone who thinks that finding a hymen already broken means that she isn’t a virgin, well I’ve got news for you:  it simply isn’t true.  Just as she could have broken it on her own through a deep insertion when masturbating, her internal flexing muscles could have broken it just as well riding a bike.  In fact, just about anything can break it.)  She may need to even take a complete break for a while as that painful shock of the tearing subsides.  Just let her lie next to you as you gently  kiss her, suck on her nipples, all the while you holding your hand firmly against her mons area, very gently massaging her outer lips and clit to keep her sexual tension high and her pussy lips moist with her cum.  But when she is straddling you, DO NOT raise your hips at all to thrust into her.  Keep your body absolutely still and have her insert only to where your hand is. Each insertion MUST happen at HER own pace and through her own actions!

And that pace can sometimes be INCREDIBLY slow.  I mean I have had girls take it in and then just stop completely and remain motionless.  Sometimes for over five minutes!  Saying nothing, they just lie there on top of you not moving a muscle.  At first, I couldn’t figure out what was going on.  And without the penis sliding against moist vaginal walls, it is difficult to stay hard, let me tell you!  But it seems these girls just enjoy the fullness of the shaft inside them — reveling in the relief from the many days or weeks of aching from the emptiness before you arrived. And guys, really try to understand this:  That vaginal aching she feels from the emptiness can even be far worse than us going for a week without ejaculating.  And once past puberty, the younger she is, the more intense it is.  At home, a girl will often try mounting everything that she can wrap her legs around or grind against — essentially the female version of “blue balls.”  So let her just quietly enjoy the fullness of your shaft in her as it both soaks your cock in her juices with excitement — and at the same time, calms her with a special fulfilment that only a man’s cock can really provide.

Anyway, let her fuck your dick’s head with your hand in this one-inch-down-the-shaft position for a while.  Insist that on the outward stroke that she always pulls out so the tip of your cock is merely spreading her loose outer pussy lips as the tight muscles of her vaginal opening close.  That way, she will now repeatedly experience the intensity of the FULL opening of the vagina hole through the mass of nerves in those muscles during the inward, penetrating stroke.  Those muscles around the opening are important because, in my view, they reinforce to her subconscious mind that important concept of “opening herself” to a cock and submitting herself to a man.  I know I am getting kind of deep here, perhaps a bit sexist along with being sexual, but remember that you are trying to get her subconscious fully used to the idea of being opened by a penis, and ultimately, the man dominating the thrusting action.  Remember the purpose is so that you don’t have her innermost vaginal muscles fighting you later.  And the vaginal muscles at the opening are the doors with the biggest locks.  As her subconscious gets used to letting your dick past that opening by herself, it will all seem more natural, and she will be practiced, open and willing when you are the one performing the insertion.  In the meantime, this slow penetration is exciting to her, and (relatively) painless.

At some point, her sexual excitement will build and she will tell you when she needs more of you in her.  When she does, lower the grasp around your cock one more inch — letting her lower herself that much deeper onto your shaft.  And again, insist that she keep pulling out to the outermost lip of her pussy slit.  If she starts to get frustrated by not going deeper, ignore it.  You really need to understand that what she is TELLING you may be far, far different than what her subconscious is telling her vagina.  Just let her work with what she has for a while.  And don’t stroke your own dick.  You will need to hold back for now.  It can be hard with all her cunt juices streaming down your shaft onto your hand, but you don’t want to come prematurely.

When you sense that she needs more — and I really mean that each step can last several minutes, and not seconds — again lower your hand another inch and let her work with what is exposed.  Repeat this process of lowering your hand down your shaft an inch at a time — always keeping the full length from her.  But at some point, if you have done it correctly, her deepest vaginal walls will have gently separated for you, your hand can go down no further, and you will have achieved your goal of full penetration.  And she will feel good, consciously and subconsciously about you being inside her.  To her, it will feel natural and right.

Well, almost…

You will likely want to blow your load into her at this point.  As difficult as it was for her to endure the long process you put her through, it was just as bad, if not worse for you.  Quite honestly, it is EXTREMELY difficult to hold back.  But this is where your maturity needs to kick in.  Remember those “Ram me hard!” fantasies she might have told you before you even started?  You cannot ignore those.  If she wants you to fuck her hard, well you better be prepared to do it.  And you don’t want to do it if your balls are already empty.

So although you can simply go ahead and start ramming her now, if you don’t mind, I would like to share with you a little technique I use to drive girls absolutely crazy.  It is going to sound like almost nothing, but for her, it is mind-blowing and I don’t reserve it for virgins.  Maybe you can share some of your own techniques that are even better.  It isn’t my intention to suggest that I am a truly, great lover, but girl after girl has told me that this one thing is better than anything else she has experienced.  And since this one is a virgin we are discussing here, it is nice to start her off with something especially good to remember about you.

Even though her fantasy may be something crazy like being bound tightly, gagged, suspended from the ceiling and whipped, forget that part just for a moment.  Flip her over and let her lie on her back in preparation for a missionary positon fuck.  Tell her now that you are “taking charge.”  (Yes, use those words.  You want her to hear those words because it helps to reinforce the fact.  It actually has a bigger effect than you may realize.)  Insert your dick, slide it in deep, and now press your own mons (yes, we guys technically have a “mons” as well, but hers is called the “mons veneris”) against her clit.  While pressing against it, grind the clit slightly upward, gently rolling it across her bone underneath the clit.  Now, not only does your girl feel the fullness and sliding of dick inside her, but this added intense stimulation from the pressure on the engorged clit sends a massive sexual charge throughout her body.  A girl will feel a wave of electricity go all the way from her mons up through her stomach, up to her chest, radiate through her tits, and fire right down to the tip of each nipple.  I kid you not!  If you can master this little grind — firm, but not too hard — at the end of each inward thrust, you will be her God of Sex.  I swear, just this little act of grinding the clit when fully inserted has done more for my reputation with any girl than anything else I have ever done.  Fancy restaurants are fine.  Flowers are romantic.  Candlelight is lovely.  But simply combining your in-stroke with grinding that clit sends her into the stratosphere and guarantees at the end of the session a sopping, wet bedsheet of cum under her bum.

I realize that many girls like to twiddle their clits with their fingers as you ram your dick into their cunts.  This grinding I suggest above is actually doing much the same thing — except that you are doing it for her.  And what about those cock rings with the clit tabs on them?  Well, my experience is that they are just a bit too hard and often hurt the clit if you contact it at the wrong angle.  Simply mushing the clit against her bone with your mons seems to set all the nerves on and around her clit into an ecstasy that we guys can only imagine.

After she has had a chance of experiencing that, do whatever you want to fulfill her sexual fantasies — whether it is tying her up, turning her over and going doggie style, simply finishing in the missionary position — or whatever.

As you have seen here, what I am advocating is a softer approach — and perhaps much, much softer — than you have ever used when fucking.  The whole idea of being the “sensitive guy” when you have a dick in a girls pussy may be totally out of your experience — and yet that is exactly what I am saying is the key to preventing problems that can occur when deflowering a virgin.  In fact, for some girls, fully deflowered, this entire approach is what they like ALL the time.  But virgins are special cases and you will generally be wanting for an opportunity to have your dick planted in one for as long as possible. A little of the soft touch up front ensures that your dick will experience her inner softness many times afterward.

Please share your own thoughts.

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