We will endeavour to upload your submissions within a 24 hour period and send you a link once this has been done, so its important for you to send us a valid email address.

Once you have sent your photos, either check your email account (including the Junk box) or this website for the latest update. Should you not receive the email or cannot see yours online, please send it to us again or contact us using this link .

We have received several pictures over the past few months without the hand-written “Rate My V” sign, as per our rules, and we have replied to those asking for valid photos. The V pictures that we received are beautiful but are not valid, so send us some new ones and get rated.

Please remember it is illegal to upload photos of people if you do not have their permission, which is why we insist on hand-written ones. We do not share any personal details so don’t ask!

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