… thanks to all those who have commented and praised all of our entries, some of them who are new;

Karlo, DaddyBadBoy, Don, Blake, Ryan.


We also appreciate our regular Vagmirers:

Soodkumar, Paolo, Michael, Unashamed, MrNawty, Pinga, Adam, Juan, Rick, Malcolm, Josh, Krautman, Del, Joe, Bob, James, Lee, Travis, Jereon, Allen and of course, IceWizard to name but a few.


Special thanks to Schiffner who has been here since the start of the website and continues to support us throughout and for his technical advice on the V. 

We are now receiving responses from regular female contributors (past and present) which are certainly making things more exciting on here, so thank you to:

Kim, Jessica, Stacey, Lyn, Sharmota, Nicole and Kitty

Most importantly of all, our biggest thanks goes to all the women who are brave enough to upload their pictures to be rated and for those wishing to send in their photos in the future.

Hopefully we shall attract more viewers and more contributors in the near future.

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