• Name:  Alice
  • Age:  29
  • Country:  United States
  • Reason I submitted my “V” photo:  Wanted to get unbiased opinions on the aesthetic of my vulva, from all angles, but especially from behind, as that’s the angle I’ve become most self-conscious about. My labia minora only show when I’m bent over (or obviously if my legs are spread wide). The variety in the pigmentation along the bottom edges has always bothered me. Though my labia minora aren’t exposed when I’m standing, sitting, or laying down with my legs closed, I still feel like they’re abnormally large, and have been considering surgery to correct it. I’ve only had positive reviews from boyfriends, but I feel like that’s not necessarily reliable. I wonder how skewed, if at all, my perception is. Any feedback will be useful. Whatever you choose, please explain your rating. Whether it’s low, high, neutral, or whatever.. please provide specifics details of what you did or didn’t prefer, if you can. Thanks!

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