Let’s face it guys; there is no better feeling in the world then thrusting your penis inside a wet, warm, throbbing vagina.  Assuming you are not using a condom, the skin on skin friction of the head of your penis rubbing up against a warm vaginal canal can be a mind blowing sensation. 

So it got me to thinking, is there any artificial substitute that can come close to simulating the look and feel of the inside of a vagina?

Every guy that I know seems to need to have a sexual release every time the clock strikes the hour.  It’s in their DNA to have these urges and there is no telling when these urges will strike.Inside a Vagina

Shit, a guy could just be sitting at a table eating a baloney sandwich without anything particular on his mind.  All it takes is for an attractive female to walk by and then all of a sudden he will be overcome with urges to mount her like a wild Rhinoceros in the African Serengeti.

Unfortunately for you guys, we women are not keen on providing access to the love canal every time you get your urge.  This predicament has caused you to search for other innovative means to satisfy your urges on your own time schedule (i.e., masturbation).

Anyways, I digress….

I knew there were more male adult sex toys on the market then you could shake a stick at but I was curious to know if there was something special that gave a close simulation to the real thing.

I decided to take my question to my younger brother William.  William and I have the kind of brother/sister relationship where we can pretty much discuss anything without it feeling weird.  Hell, I have even had him post here on my blog discussing different types of vaginas.

“Sis, I have tried a lot of different sex toys and I can honesty say the Fleshlight is my favorite so far”.  He continued to say, “I will even go far as to say that this toy might actually be better than the real thing.”  What the fuck!?!?, better than a real vagina?  He later explained to me that some of his most mind blowing orgasms have been experienced using this particular toy.Oface

Now that William had my interest peeked, I decided to do a little research.  According to the Fleshlight official website they have sold more than 3 million of these things.  Assuming this is true, they must be doing something right.  Additionally, the material used is not your standard latex, plastic, or silicone but rather a secret formulated material that they have protected with numerous patents.  Apparently, soaking the material in warm water before use gives the very real simulation of fucking a real vagina.

Exploring a little more on the website, I discovered the “build your own” option.  Here you get to build your own Fleshlight; like a car on an assembly line.  You can  choose color, orifice (mouth, ass, pussy), and texture.  Once I saw the different textures I began to understand why my brother was claiming to have such intense orgasms.  The texture most intriguing to me is called the “Destroya.”  I don’t know about you but I am not aware of the inside a vagina of any women looking like that!  Obviously this has been designed to stimulate all of the nerve endings of the penis head and shaft to the maximum.  I can just see it now, a bunch of guys in white lab coats in an undisclosed secret laboratory designing the next texture to help a guy blow his wad with maximum intensity.

The Destroya

The Destroya

So I guess it’s a battle of science versus nature in creating the ultimate ejaculation sleeve for mankind’s cock.

I can understand the usefulness of a toy like this when a man needs to release and he is looking for something in between using his hand and fucking the real thing, but the day he decides that he prefers a toy over the real thing is the day he needs to check himself into a psychiatric facility.

So to my little brother William I say, I sure hope I don’t have to visit you at the psychiatric ward someday; however, for you birthday next month I might just buy you that Destroya! 🙂

If you own a Fleshlight, please post your experience below.  I would love to know if you prefer it more than fucking the real thing.

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